Sometimes I just want to change something or make something so I do and on this page I will update you on my weekly DIY’s for you to try!  🙂

Happy cats owner

imgres-4hi everyone my name is Rebecca Anderson

and I am Happy cats original owner:).I live in Sydney Australia and love photography and writing stories. Ok I admit it photography is not really my strong side but I enjoy it and thats what matters. Oh and also from now on I will be adding stories that I have written over time and see if i get any likes!.

I also would like to start doing a miss know it all site on this website so if you have any questions about every day life or anything i’m here to help:). My favourite song is fast car by Jonas Blue and my fave movie is pretty much all the movie of starwars. LOVE STARWARS!. thx and hope you like my website.c2ea2d0a37cd372f925251c31c78a833